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The Plan

Next circle? July 7th, 2024 @ 3pm

Every 2nd Sunday of the month

So who, what, when, where, and why?
After focusing on literacy intervention studies for 0-5 in the Capstone part of the doctoral process, Dr. Loving decided to take on a personal application of those findings.  Hence, the start of: Peace by Pieces, LLC. 

Time frame 3-4 PM

The main idea:

Create a non-profit that promotes reading and gives guardians a chance to talk to their kids. 

Still… What is it? It’s like a book club- where the kids focus on a chosen book and then extra time gets to be spent on an art project (or choosing to explore their own story choices). Before leaving, the kids choose what subject to read about the next time. 

What specifically will happen: 

3 and 1/2 part approach: 

Part one: Guardians drop their kiddos off and take an hour for themselves to do whatever while Dr. Loving reads a book to the group.
Part two: The kids make puppets, drawings, or figurines based on the characters from that book.
Part three: The kids act out or talk about scenes - even beyond what happens in the book, and then they go home to share their stories and conversations with their families (illustrations based on the content are sent home to allow connections to be made).
Note: Generating conversation is equally important, and guardian follow up with the kiddos is a good thing to do right afterwards (while the subject is still fresh in the brain). 

A few Examples!

Since September 2023

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Let's build a world we want our kids to live in.


One Sunday a month from 3-4 PM

Email Dr.J if interested in attending!

Where? Email to inquire:

We don't use social media :)

Please keep it that way <3

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